Don’t Waste Your Time… With These Stupid Exercises!

1. Bicep Curls

They are not a functional exercise. You never just use your biceps in everyday life. Most of the time, the stronger muscles of your back are doing the majority of the work in most upper body movements. The biceps just provide a little extra help but in terms of performance, curls don’t do much at all. Instead do pull-ups and incorporate moves like the dumbbell or TRX row.

2. Machine Leg Extensions

Leg extensions are suppose to build strength in your quadriceps, but like most machine exercises, it trains your muscles in a very limited range of movement and can really stress the knees. Instead do front squats or lunges. These exercises require you to balance, use all your leg muscles and core which make them much more functional and effective for burning calories and building muscles.

3. Crunches

Crunches cause serious strain your neck and they don’t tighten up all of your ab muscles as well as other exercises do. Instead do planks, side planks, or Russian twists to work all your core muscles the “six pack”, the stabilizers and the obliques.

4. Adductor and Abductor Machines

Many people think these machines are the perfect choice for trimming inner and outer thighs, however they put your body in an unnatural position. Your adductor and abductors are accessory muscles, meaning they’re smaller and support the larger leg muscles, like your quads and hamstrings. Using these machines puts additional weight and can strain them easily. Instead try doing clockwork lunges start at 12 o’clock and do a lunge to the front, a side lunge, and a lunge to the back (so you’ll end at 6 o’clock). Another option is doing crab walks with a resistant band on your ankles.