If someone had told me 6 months ago that I’d be advocating for kids to play together 6 feet apart, I wouldn’t have believed it. As an early childhood educator, the idea, out of context, makes me very uncomfortable. But time and shifting realities change things, and now, it feels imperative.

My father has helped me around many twists in life’s road with his saying, “What’s real isn’t always what’s ideal, and what’s ideal is rarely real.” I’ve never felt it more applicable or helpful than while parenting and educating during COVID-19. Things are not ideal in many, fundamental ways…

Yesterday, we took the kids on a hike, and it put everyone on a better path for the rest of the day. All day today, I’ve been counting the minutes until work calls are done and we can get out there for our end-of-day reconnecting hike. But, the state of Massachusetts has just officially announced stay-home orders. What will happen to our hikes? What should happen to them? And, how are the over 100 million of us ordered to stay home going to get the outdoor time we need so badly?

We need outdoor time, especially now.

Research and experience tell us time outdoors is essential…

Meghan Fitzgerald

Founder & Chief Learning Officer Tinkergarten, Inc.

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