Analyze Design: Design Lab

For my first exercise for UX Academy I need to analyze 5 websites which included 3 well designed sites and 2 badly designed ones. This was a very interesting exercise to work on because I had a bit of a hard time thinking of the badly designed websites. It goes to show how dedicated I am to avoid them because of the poor usability. The well designed sites were easy to pick because I visit them on a daily basis and never have to put any effort into using them. To analyze the websites, I referred to the Maslow’s Design hierarchy of needs from the pre-coursework for UX Academy.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is a popular fast food chain with a casual dining feel. They have chains all over the United States and a few other countries. It is a build your meal type of restaurant, allowing you to customize it to be your idea of a healthy meal. With limited ingredients, the customer can create a quick and delicious meal.

1. The hero image with the white text stood out to me when I first opened the site, followed by the logo, which I thought did a good job of advertising the brand without getting in the way of the page design.

2. The slider was timed well, so as to not distract from the information I needed.

3. I felt like the navigation bar on the top had useful tabs, but they could stand to be a little further apart to improve readability.

4. The “careers” and “gift cards” are located so the user can locate them if needed, but they are out of the way

5. The information and images were clean and to the point.

Overall, I think this was a well designed site and was easy to navigate, served the purpose effectively and advertised the brand in a subtle and effective manner.

Transport Department Government of Telangana, India

The transport department government of Telangana, India website has many functions. Some of them include, getting a license, paying taxes, giving students access to their exam results and so on.

  1. The first thing I noticed was the functionality or lack there of on this website. When I googled Telangana transport, this was the result that came up.

2. It is very unclear what the purpose of the tabs is. For example, when I clicked on the logo, since I was under the impression that this was the home page, I expected the same page to reload. However, I ended up getting to a “Help” page with various options and phone numbers. (It turned out to be the “Menu Page” on the right). When the “Home” link was clicked, it took me to an entirely different site (, that I assume to be the intended landing page.

3. The colors were loud and didn’t seem to have an obvious pattern to them. They were also visually unappealing.

Overall, the website(s) was very badly designed, was a strain to work with and was like navigating a complicated maze.


Twitter is a social media platform that helps people voice their opinions, stand for something, or just speak their mind in a short burst of 140 characters.

  1. The first thing I noticed when I logged into the twitter account is how clean everything is. The columns are laid out in a way that serves the users purpose.

2. The links are highlighted well without screaming to be clicked.

3. It is customizable and the feature is easy and intuitive to access.

Overall, I think this is a well designed site that is appealing when you first open it, and encourages the user to engage in the conversation and be a part of the community.


This is the Craigslist website for Washington DC. Craigslist is a website meant for buying and selling all kinds of things ranging from a spoon to a house. It is also used for renting, tutoring and so on.

  1. The first thing that catches the eye is all the blue on the site. This is very similar to shade of blue that has always been used to indicate that the word is a clickable link. While it does create contrast with the background, it makes it very difficult to read and jarring to look at.

2. The line spacing could stand to be larger to improve the readability.

3. There isn’t any capitalization on the page, and while I am not sure if it is just a personal choice, but I felt like it was not a good design practice.

4. The breadcrumbs on the details page was helpful to understand where on the site you were.

Overall, I thought this was not a good website. It felt too cramped and hard on the eyes. Craigslist has improved considerably over the years, but a lot of simple changes could be made to completely change the look of the website and make it a better experience for the user.


Medium is a user delivered and user based news and article website that is customizable to the user’s interests. People share stories, experiences and opinions, which encourages thought and conversations

  1. When I log into medium, my first thought is that it is very appealing and inviting. It is well laid out, and the columns communicate the intended purpose very well.

2. Visual hierarchy is established immediately and no guesswork is involved, thus making the website very intuitive.

3. The use of neutral colors and even distribution of whitespace encouraged me to read the articles rather than concentrate on figuring out how to get to the content like the previous badly designed sites.

4. The icons used are clear in their function

Overall, medium is a very well designed website and important information is presented well and the purpose of each aspect is very clear.

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