Why Yahoo! Alumni are Mourning
Dave Lu

One of the most exciting moments in my career was getting a note on LinkedIn from a Yahoo recruiter asking me if I was interested in a job with the company. During my interview, I was asked, “Why are you here? Why would you leave your current job and join this one?” My response, “Because it is Yahoo. When Yahoo calls, you come.” One of the best moments in my career was when I got the job at Yahoo. My most fond work memories are of my time at Yahoo — the people were truly the best and everyone bled purple. The culture, the work, and the enthusiasm was amazing. I was there for some of Marissa’s tenure, and boy did she try. We had such high hopes and were so excited for what was to come. Unfortunately, it was just a little too late. One of the saddest days in my career was leaving the big purple Internet giant… :(

Thanks for the memories Yahoo! I still have my button that I got when I got the job that if you press it says, “YA-HOO-OO!”

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