Grindr Was Lit at the RNC
John McDermott

“The Pornhub category “Gay — Hunks” saw an extraordinary 421 percent increase in traffic in Cleveland from July 18–21"

Yeah. But growth in the gay categories as a whole was 8%, barely above increase in the site as a whole, which was 5%.

Obviously, when a lot of people come together in a tight area in a short amount of time, then, if there’s internet access, many websites will report increase in traffic. To verify whether a certain demographic is overrepresented among RNC goers, it is not enough to verify that there was growth in gay porn use - you have to see whether growth was higher, or not, than in other categories. From the numbers above, I’d say only barely.

There’s no reason to suspect a very large number of Republican men are gay. There are surveys looking into the association of sexual orientation and political orientation, and they show that gay men lean overwhelmingly liberal all over the Western world and, in the US, support the Democratic party at least at the same rate as lesbians. You can say that not everyone who’s gay — especially gay AND conservative — will admit to that to a pollster, but the the trend is the same in self-administered surveys as in interviewer-administered ones.

It is frankly tiresome to see liberals scapegoating gay men to explain Republican weirdness; it strongly reminds me of the time, about a decade ago, they gleefully pointed to supposedly high levels of homosexuality among Republican men to explain sex scandals involving Republican figures and teenage boys.

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