What is TCP/IP?

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

Before we jump on to TCP, let’s discuss about Internet Protocol (IP).

Internet Protocol —

IP address allows the devices to communicate with other devices.

Packet — The data that is sent over the computer network are sliced into packets.

How the data is sent over the internet?

Step 2 — The packets travel from router to router over the internet according to the IP protocol.

Step 3 — The TCP protocol reassembles the packets into the original whole.

Data sent over Internet

The TCP/IP model has four important layers.

TCP/IP Model
  1. Application Layer — This layer is closest to the end user. It interacts with the software applications and also helps in setting up and managing network connections. It performs encryption and decryption.
  2. Transport Layer — This layer divides the message into segments and number them to produce a sequence and makes sure the messages are error free.
  3. Internet Layer — This is used to send packets to and from different devices with the help of various networks.
  4. Network Access Layer — Layer 4 of TCP/IP Model. This defines how the data must be sent. It facilitates the transmission of data from one device to another.



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