Gender Doesn’t Matter Anymore!

It was a bright Monday morning when Shiv found a letter on his desk. He was taken aback, his words struggling to escape from his mouth. The only word he managed to say was “Jeevika…”

Reading this letter, Shiv followed back his 16 year old decisions,

16 Years Ago

“No this can’t be happening! No way! My daughter? Jeevika? Jeevika? I am not going to accept it!!!” Shiv shouted walking restlessly in his room

“You have to accept it Shiv! Because that’s the truth! Accept it!” A red- eyed hurted Shweta replied

Shiv still in shock that he couldn’t fumble a word. The room had a different silence in it, one which we notice before the entry of calamity…

“Let us leave her!” Shiv said breaking the silence

“What!” she looked toward him with her eyes widen

“Yes! We can’t keep her with us like this, what will people say that …”

“How could you? She’s just eleven and what is her fault? Just because she is different from us you will leave her? Do you even have a heart inside you?” her voice had a mix of anger and sadness in it

“Listen, it’s not like leaving her at any place. We will get her admitted in a nice orphanage so she could have a nice time there! And I have few contacts with some NGO’s in Kerala. But we can’t keep her with us otherwise what will people say, that, that girl is..”

“She is our daughter!!! Ok, she is not just another girl, she is our daughter and I will not let you do this thing with her! You hear that!!!” she shouted at him with anger

“Shweta!! You are not getting it, it’s just for the sake of our future! Think about Abhimanyu, what will he think if he will know the truth about her sister?” he argued

“He will be proud to have a sister as brave as her, and it’s our duty to do so”

“You are not getting it we can’t have her here,we can’t afford her life!”

“You can’t but I can and I will! Whether it’s with you or without you, choice is yours… But it’s decided!” she said it in his eyes

Shiv lowered his eyes and stood there silently, Shweta got her answer.

“Ok then, see you in the court…” and she went to Jeevika’s room

Jeevika, unknown with the situation and circumstances that are and will revolve around her. Sitting in her room listening to her favourite cassette “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai” and looking at the posters of Hritik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor posted on her wall. Shweta entered her room and said


“Yes mumma!”

“Pack your bags we are going to Nani’s place”

“Why mummy?” she asked with innocence

“Actually your papa has a lot of work to do and will have to go on tours also so I thought till that time you and I will be staying at nani’s place.”

“Wow mumma! Nice idea, but what about Abhimanyu?”

“Abhimanyu will be with dadi and bua (father’s sister)” she replied

“Ok then let me pack my stuff!”

2 Weeks Later

“Keeping all the statements in order this court declares the divorce of Mr. Shiv Kumar and Ms. Shweta Nair official. And the custody of Jeevika will be given to Ms. Nair whereas Abhimanyu’s custody will be given to Mr. Kumar. This case is closed!” the judge announced

Outside the Court

“Jeevika and Abhi are waiting in the car.” Shweta said

“Ok, I will pick Abhi and…” Shiv said

“Please be polite with Jeevika.”

“Ok. Are you sure? I mean really?” Shiv asked

She started laughing, seeing her like this made Shiv confused.

“What happened?” he asked

“Strange!” she replied

“ Why?” he questioned

“Because I should ask this question to you…” Shweta answered

Present Day

Tears came in Shiv’s eyes. The doorbell rang…

“Ding Dong!!!”

Abhimanyu received the door. The person standing at the door gave two different expressions to Abhi and Shiv. Where Abhi was happy, Shiv had a shocking expression.

“Happy Raakhi Jeevika di!” Abhimanyu said and gave her a hug

“Happy Raakhi Abhi!” she replied

Jeevika, now 27 years-old, dressed in medal studded Khakhi uniform with her head high.

Abhimanyu took her to the living room and gave her the Aarti Thal (the plate in which all the ingredients related to the ritual of Raakhi are kept). Jeevika took out the Raakhi from her bag and placed it in the thal and started the ritual.

Starting with the tilak she placed the Raakhi on Abhimanyu’s wrist, a moti-chur ladoo melted in Abhi’s mouth as Jeevika did her aarti and kept the thal aside. It was Abhi’s turn, he took out a pen from his pocket and deposited it on her hand saying

“Use this pen to give autographs on those government files and papers waiting for you in the office …” he said facetiously

“(laughs) Ok then, I must leave now, getting late…”, she stood up and moved towards the main door

She signed off Abhimanyu and waited for the elevator. Just then she heard Shiv’s voice calling out her name

“Jeevika! Wait!”

“What happened ?” she asked

He took out her cap from behind and placed it on her head, proudly! Jeevika still with head high entered in the lift.

“Jeevika!” he called

“Yes!” she replied

“Take care!”

“You too…” she replied as the elevator closed its jaws.

After all she was not a ‘kaho na pyaar hai’ listener anymore, she was the first transgender to become an I.P.S officer…
And now she was an inspiration to Abhimanyu ,and people as usual said that, how brave and graceful is she.

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