After high school: go to Penn State University Park for all four years, major in business.

That was the plan — was — the plan.

But admissions decided to change my plan to: go to Penn State Brandywine for two years and University Park for two years.

I’ve never wanted to go to a small campus, I’ve never wanted to commute, I’ve never wanted this.

But this is what I have. Now I have to to choose…

What's more important — living in a dorm and getting the college experiences or getting that Smeal College of Business degree?

For many of you this probably seems like a no-brainer… degree. But there’s something about the sting of not being good enough for Main, the fact that I’ll have to live in my small house another two years, that sting is blinding my vision. (And there’s also that inner questioning of do I even want to go to school for business?? But I’ll talk about that another post)

Why does it hurt so bad to not “get in?”

We have created this dynamic where ACCEPTANCE. is EXPECTED.

Not only do we expect high school seniors to know what and where they want to go after high school, but we also just assume they’re going to “get in.”

But that’s not reality. This is:

  • It’s okay to not get into your dream school, yeah it sucks but it’s not going to make or break your life.
  • It’s okay for your plans to change, it’s hard but there’s always another way.
  • It’s OKAY if you have no idea where to go from here, you’re 18 you have so much time and potential ahead of you to figure it out.

It’s important to encourage young adults, to push themselves and go for it. But it’s even more important to be there for them if their plans fall through — to remind them that getting or not getting “ACCEPTED” doesn’t determine the success of their life.

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