Love is a Choice.

Love is real. Love is out there. Love is good.

I didn’t always think that real live was achievable. My parents weren’t always the best examples. I didn’t know what love was actually like, I thought I did but my first relationship wasn’t love, it wasn’t right. It ended and I moved on and that’s how I know that they weren’t “my love.”

I fell for someone else and my whole perspective had changed. I adored him, he became so important to me and I to him. We were happy.

We broke up.

But it didn’t end. I never moved on from him, I tried but I couldn’t, it wasn’t right. He didn’t move on either.

We got back together and it was like we had never even broken up, like we had never had those awkward months of not knowing how the other felt. In fact it was better than it was before. And we’re still like that. Because it’s love.

We didn’t give up on the idea of us. Because love isn’t just a feeling. It’s a choice.

We didn’t choose to hook up with other people until we found someone else. No. We chose to wait because there was no one else. We made the choice we wanted to be together again because we chose to keep loving each other. And we still have those lovely feelings of course, but we also continue to choose to love each other and plan to for a long time.