my post graduation post

13 years of Coatesville schools, of memories with amazing friends, of an incredible education.

13 years of schooling has taught me many many things.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have went through Coatesville’s schools.

Over the years I’ve taken a lot of hard classes and spent hours on projects, studying and homework but the lessons that Coatesville has taught me go far beyond the classroom.

  • I’ve learned that the outside world can be cruel.
  • I’ve learned that people will ridicule you for things you take no part in but are merely associated with.
  • I’ve learned that things will not always come easily.
  • I’ve learned that there’s always going to be people you just don’t get along with- and that’s okay by the way.
  • I’ve learned that no matter where you go you must remember your roots and where you came from.
  • I’ve learned that your past AND your present do not dictate your future, unless you let it.
  • I’ve learned that you can’t do life without God.
  • I’ve learned that we’re all the same underneath all of the labels we’re given.
  • I’ve learned that labels don’t mean anything.
  • I’ve learned that by simply being kind you can change someone’s life.
  • I’ve learned that life moves fast and it’s important to spend time with the ones you love before it’s too late.
  • I’ve learned that it’s worth it to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.
  • I’ve learned what it means to be and have a real friend.

And these are just a few of the amazing things I’ve learned from living in Coatesville and I’m sure I’ll learn some more before I leave.

Thank you Coatesville, for giving me all of these amazing lessons and for showing me what it means to have pride in your community, to have pride in yourself and to always rise above.