Stop Pretending That Everything is Okay

Stop. Right now.

If you classify yourself as a homosapien then I will bet money you will relate to and benefit from this post.

We live in a time where it almost seems necessary to convince others into thinking that we have it all together. We only post about the good days when we looked and felt good. And if we do use our social media to vent, most times it’s to a “private” audience so we can choose who gets to see us at our worse times.

And when someone actually does choose to use a public platform to express signs of distress we are quick to judge and say

“they’re oversharing” and “they shouldn’t reveal personal stuff online”

More people are sharing lies than the truth on social media.

Why is that? Why is it that so many of us would rather ignore all of the things that are taking a toll on us to post a “pretty picture?”

Is it because “pretty pictures” get more likes than real ones?

I don’t mean to suggest that no one is authentic because I don’t think that’s true. What I do believe however, is that more often than not we filter through the things that happen to us and choose to share the ones that will receive the best response from others.

But it doesn’t make any sense.

We’re all the same- in the sense that we feel,we slip, we screw up, we fail, we succeed, we live.

We all go through shit that breaks us down.

Trust me no one is invincible and if you’re arguing with me right now, then somebody’s got you fooled.

Because of this truth there is absolutely no benefit to pretending that we’re fine.

ANYONE: How are you?
YOU: (even when you are struggling immensely) I’m fine

You will not get anything from monotonously answering “I’m fine.”

Yes there are times and people where it’s not appropriate to share personal and emotional information but that is different from pretending.

I was inspired to write this post after I realized that I was trying to keep my life and my relationship “pretty”/”happy” and my communication was crumbling. In all honesty, I wrote this to myself to remind me that I will get nowhere if I continue to lie and hide my feelings. Thank you & I hope you enjoyed.