I’m with nature!

Many must be wondering what the above quote is…well,today,the 5th of June is the world’s environment day.This year the theme of the World Environment Day is “I’m with nature!”.As for me, the theme is quite ironic..you ask me why?Then I ask you how many people hardly are with nature? Firstly the meaning of the theme is not being with nature but reviving the connection with mother Earth. Yes,we lost the glory of mother earth many decades ago. We need to bring back the lost glory by bringing a change in us. Just talking about a change doesn’t bring the change…it should start from me and you….you,the one reading this article. Imprudent exploitation of natural resources increase the pollution everyday. Pollution,what was once a perceptible concern,has now turned into a threat to the very survival of this planet.

Only solution to this problem,as the environmentalists say,is to change the mindset of people towards environmental conservation.Small steps like switching off power when not in use and using public transport system can make a lot of difference. Civic body alone cannot make any change,cooperation of citizens is equally important. Children should be sensitised on how the nature is an integral part of our life. The youth must volunteer to save environment. It’s high time we realise what’s actually happening and devise an action plan for the entire society to work towards a pollution free environment.

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