Up styling and makeup on a sticky, hot summer day

I recently did styling on a sailboat for a boho bride and her maid of honor. It was about 90 degrees and 85 percent humidity with zero wind. Holy moly was it hot. Not the best scenario for bridal makeup and hair, but I’m always up for a good challenge!

I decided that all hot tools were out of the question; it was best to work with what was going on with the hair and get it up. I brought along my GloMineral makeup because I like how it sets in when you sweat. Dang, did it set in!

I began with the maid of honor’s makeup first as she seemed most warm and would need a bit more touchup as the day went on. With very little shade, I had her lean into shady areas and had her hold a fan in front of her as I applied. We all laughed at the whole situation, but it went on as I thought it would. The bride was cool as a cucumber so there were no issues there. We went for a dewy sheen around her eyes for a natural look. Beautiful.

After the makeup, we sailed out to do the hair. With very little wind, I didn’t have to work against that element…just the heat and humidity today;) For the maid of honor, I swept it all up and back in a controlled, low profile in a twistesque manner. Since she was melting anyway, her own natural texture came out along the hairline, blending well with the swept look in back. I loosely braided a few pieces along each side and worked them in to compliment the bride’s hair. With no use of a curling iron and working with sweaty hair, it looked amazing!

The bride wanted an organic, loose, very bohemian look with wild flowers worked in. I created a fishtail braid that worked into a crown and draped over shoulder. With long beautiful hair to work with, it turned out great. I placed in a few flowers to complete the look. So ethereal!

With the sun beginning to set, we were able to catch some beautiful shots before heading back in. As I hoped, the makeup looked radiant and held up well.

Although you can never control the weather, you can choose to embrace and go with it. What a fun dayJ

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