I’m going to say this once. Here and now. Hopefully will not have to again: I understand everyone has THEIR truth. What I share day in and day out is the Truth as I have come to understand it to this point. Nothing more and nothing less. But boy do I feel aligned more than ever before.

Partnering with other people helps you ACHIEVE more, CREATE more, and BECOME more.

With that being said, it’s important you always VALUE the other person’s contribution to what you’re building. My MO (mode of operation) is this: 51%/49%….I give more than I receive for those I’m partnered with. This means compensate accordingly. Time. Training. Money. Extra opportunities. Networking connections. Challenges and projects. Shots at leadership.

Right now at Omni Properties one of the things I’m offering is opportunity. It is not just the monetary compensation that people receive; it’s the opportunity to earn more; it’s the opportunity to lead people. To do what you do in this location, with these people to another location with different people. And not just geographically.

The reality is business doesn’t have to be done face to face….Phone. Internet. Technology. It keeps us connected. Choose to leverage those channels over and over and over and build something strong. Have something strong: a foundation, a mission that is empowering and will help people reach the heights of their limitations and go beyond. It’s something that is rare.

I have worked for a lot of people. I have worked with a lot of people. There are just some leaders I was inspired by more than others. It’s true! I gave more to some than I gave to others. Not because of their title or job description but because of who they WERE.

Partner with a leader who doesn’t just give things. An eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. Partner with those who actually receive less in compensation than they give in value. 51/49. All day. I ask myself: How can I be giving more than I’m receiving? With this person. This situation. This moment.

I recently visited with a few “business” people (they made sure to refer to themselves as this.) They mentioned things like... “It’s going to be 50/50.” “If I win, you win.” “If I lose you lose.”

Sorry, not for me. A good leader is someone who inspires and motivates and gives opportunity to others to succeed and achieve and create and become.

“If we’re in this. We’re in this together.” I can jive with that culture but SOMEONE needs to rise up and say you know what, “I’m going to take on more risk than you. If you’re going to follow me, if you’re going to buy into this mission, this vision, if you’re going to work your butt off to achieve something…trust me, if anybody loses here, I’m going to lose.”

That is a tough pill to swallow. That is the pill I’m willing to swalllow. For my people. For my family. For my community. For my world. I’m going to protect and hedge against as many losses for my people as I possibly can. Want to partner with me? You are going to be so lucky and blessed to partner with me it’s going to be ridiculous because I’ll take the brunt and the blows, so you don’t have to. Are you going to feel a sting? Sure, but trust me, I took 90% of that blow. I will not let my people fall while I sit on the sidelines. The captain goes down with the ship.

Same thing for the wins.

The captain led you there but couldn’t have done it without everyone’s pull. Nobody reaches their potential, nobody fulfills their mission by themselves. There are no islands. No one is doing their thing all on their own 24/7 and then dies happily saying, “I did it all. I made the biggest impact on the world I possibly could over here all by myself.” Nobody. Everyone owns their thing and together, you get exactly where you set out to go.