Galaxy of Entertainment

A screen turns on and brightly illuminates my face as it rests perfectly in both of my hands. I hold my galaxy smart phone preciously, as it is all of my entertainment that fits perfectly into a half centimeter wide, shiny, blue rectangular device. So what’s its next command that I give? So many choices.

Maybe social media. With Facebook, I can scroll through the news feed and see just about all of friends’ posts and know what went on in their day. Or I can even watch a hilariously dumb video about some gym rats who don’t even know how to properly lift. After a solid 30 minutes or so on Facebook, I can move onto Instagram. On the famously popular Instagram, I get to scroll, through selfies, (don’t you just love those duck lips?) nature pictures, puppies…and can’t forget about the Kardashians. Everyone follows those sisters, right? Well, even if you don’t follow them, you still get a decent amount of entertainment time from “Insta”. Now, I’m to the point where I’ve scrolled so far down, I’m seeing pictures from the previous time I checked the picture feed. Since those pictures have all been seen, and no tweets have been read, I move over to Twitter. For one tweet, one hundred forty characters are given, that’s all people have to impress me and tempt me to either favorite or retweet. Heck, that’s how many characters I have to impress others to get them to favorite. So, I’ve scrolled and seen some pretty genius and not so genius tweets, I’m done. Twitter out, Snapchat in. Snapchat is arguably one the most used forms of social media. I mean, I can send the ugliest facial expression to one of my friends, then they only have ten seconds to view it. Unless they take a screenshot, and that my friends, is pure evil.

Social media can get boring, but wait let me explain. The only way it gets boring is when no one has posted anything new; I’m just repeatedly staring at the same posts. However, I do not worry, I have my Galaxy of Entertainment in my hands. Which means…GAMES! Usually, I don’t play them, but sometimes I’m desperate. Come on, we all get to that point sometimes. Anyways, I don’t keep game apps on my phone, it’s a waste of space, so I open the app store and search for free games, and it’s extremely simple. Some of the best, go-to games are Subway Surfers, Candy Crush and cheesy me, I love Sudoku and crossword games. Non-thinking games like Subway Surfers are the best when I just want to be lazy. All I have to do is swipe left, right, up or down, and avoid obstacles. Simple. Sudoku is for those days where I am so bored, I’m lost. It requires extreme thinking (well, the hard ones do.) If I get distracted by the games, I can spend hours on my phone.

Don’t get me wrong, I am most definitely not proud that I can spend countless hours on my smart phone. If you think about it though, a lot of people do and it’s hard to kick the habit. Yes, I am addicted to my Galaxy of Entertainment.

I will not blame myself though. 
Who invented them?
Yes, that is who I will blame.

There are social media and game apps to keep myself really entertained. There’s also my camera to take pictures with and apps to edit them and make them look intriguing. I can check my balance of my bank account (I don’t do that unless I want to be sad.) I need to wake up at seven? No worries, there’s an alarm clock app for that. Most importantly, I can call or text my favorite people in the whole world; like my mom, when I start missing her dear face.

Moral of the story, I will NOT put my Galaxy of Entertainment down, unless I have to.

On another note…

Okay now. Let me be clear. A smart phone can’t always be there for you and give you everything needed. Its great entertainment, however, social, face-to-face interaction does have benefits to offer that social interaction through a screen doesn’t; like skills that are needed in the real world for things like job interviews. A smart phone is primarily for entertainment. Not skill building, (though I’m sure someone could argue with that.)

So don’t be afraid to put down that Galaxy of Entertainment and have fun with your friends. Enjoy the fresh air. No, I don’t mean bringing your phone outside. Leave the phone inside, bring yourself outside.

One more thing! I’m not a hypocrite, just someone who sees that a smart phone can bring pros, as well as cons to its users.