Go with the Flow

Fluidity. Movement. Dance. Groove.

Surya Namaskar

There is value in movement. There is a human need to move through things in order to break them open and see how the parts fit together to create the whole. We often try and handle things with care. We walk on egg shells or avoid the rough edges of things because its hard and there’s safety in not knowing, or avoiding truth, whether this be a conversation or the acceptance of our own flaws. We lose the ability to travel lightly. We forget that the feelings and emotions that erupt in us like steam rising from boiling water in a kettle only fogs up the blue sky mind. Things get heavy and dark. We live in the broken pieces, the fragmented part of us torn by emotion and stress. How can we feel lighter and find clarity? How can we move with grace and openness?

When I run or practice yoga, what I’m really doing is moving the physical parts of myself to pull my mind out of the clutter and see from a birds eye view how the pieces fit together. The practice is challenging in the sense that there is a constant pattern in life of feeling stressed, feeling stimulated. So, the really deep work comes from within by recognizing the value in clearing the clutter to see the whole picture. The way in which to get there for me is connecting the mind with the physical body with small, intentional sessions of practice either on the mat or on the road and working hard to find the solace in solitude within the mind on the darker days when the mind is cloudy or the body feels heavy. To me, this is self-improvement, self-care, and practicing self-wisdom.

I move one foot in front of another. I inhale, one deep breath in, and I exhale one deep breath out. My hands are loose and pump up and down in graceful flow with every curve of the core body as I lift my legs to propel my feet off and back onto the earth beneath me. Or, my hands are at heart center against my chest and my legs are grounded in a high lunge pose on my mat. I grow tall using the strength of my quads and twist open from the intercostal muscles of my rib cage, breaking away from the shattered parts and finding a humbled sense of peace from my many shedded parts as my hands open up like wings. Parivrtta Anjaneyasana.

Free in the flow, free in the groove of Surya Namaskara.

I move through different poses, different terrains, and different elements. There is a sense of letting go as I give into the sensation of energy moving in and out of me. There is no watch. There is no anticipation of what is next to come. There is only breath and movement propelling everything forward, something we take for granted as able-bodied people.

Just the ability to breathe is enough. The ability to move is a gift. We came to earth to breathe and move, really. One purpose, and one gift. To survive. To flow with intention.

Time is effortless and fluid. There are no constraints. History unfolds into the present without worry. There is no need to stuff more into our day if we can give into the flow of living mindfully. Look! A shapely tree with hanging fruit. Ha-there’s an older couple holding hands on a park bench. How lovely! Isn’t life better in color? Appreciate fluidity, movement, dance, and groove! Find your flow, and then find your edge within it. Let go of the expectations and just feel yourself in the raw clarity of the moment; no moving backwards, only forwards. It is how you move through it that determines your authenticity. It is also how you choose to ride the waves that crash into the shores of the mind and the body. Can you find a bit more grace? Can you stop to enjoy the serenity of the moment, even if only just for a few seconds?

The justice of living in the present triumphs the greed we so often fall fault to in life when we want more than what is in front of us.

One hand to the heart, and the other to the belly. Feel the flow of energy within you, and ignite it with fire as you add movement to it. Get lost in it. There’s magic when we’re able to care less about the path we’re on and recognize there are infinite paths that will come and go. Once we realize the infinity of it all, the giant expanse that is life, we can inhale all the goodness of the present moment, and exhale the sense of urgency to find a path, mark it, and the stress of sticking to it. Get to know yourself enough to be carefree on any path. Be faithful in yourself as you get lost in the flow, and have fun with it. It is then that the act of travel feels less restless, and more magical, too.

What is there to find on the path for me that I don’t take?

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