Reflection #2

Biomedia for Entertainment

I can finally put a name to the idea we spoke of in class not too long ago, when we talked about a plant “talking” to its owner. Biomedia actually fascinates me and with my small background in Plant Biology, this article was especially fascinating. The authors outline first takes us though what biomedia is and some very basic facts about plants and the way they grow. They then take us through some related work that talks about phototropism, and infotropism for example. When they get to the section where they start talking about the applications that they have developed, it started to become apparent to me how this could be so useful. Not only are these ideas kind of brilliant, but they are literally opening up brand new ways to interact with other living creatures and they are breaking down barriers that we never thought were possible to break down. However, I find my favorite quote from the paper to be this one: “The digital and analogue

world of electronic does not mix very well with the biological world of houseplants.” This just made me laugh when I read it because in this one sentence they were just able to almost discount themselves by saying it doesn’t work very well, but we did our best and its cool to see the man made come together with biology.

What is Biomedia?

Right off the bat this paper got me thinking about society’s interpretation of science and how media can shine light on the ethical dilemmas faced in the scientific field. This paper also gave me my new favorite definition of biotech: “In fact, in its current state, we can describe biotech not as an exclusively “biological” field, but as an intersection between bio-science and computer science, an intersection that is replicated specifically in the relationships between genetic “codes” and computer “codes.” I love how this paper structures itself to be kind of like an FAQ section of a website, or book, etc.

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