Intercom’s 4th Birthday Celebration

Swag gift (Patagonia + Tshirt) were wrapped and personalized for each employee

A celebration for the SAAS company’s 4th year in business. Involved a fully catered sit down breakfast, swag giveaways, a presentation from the founders captured and shared internationally, a hike + catered lunch in Marin county, and then ended with a fully catered cocktail party at BarrelHead Brewery. Budget: $38k.

Breakfast table set up
The packages made for great table decorations to add to the breakfast set up
Employees enjoyed a hot bar + bagel bar, fresh fruit and yogurt bar
The founders took us down memory lane, and we captured the whole thing so other offices around the globe could tune in.
Employees all received this Patagonia with Intercoms logo
Hiking in Marin county. About 3.8 miles.
Pre hike group photo
Cocktail party decorations
The confetti 4th birthday cake, by Susie Cakes
Special stickers were made into the specially designed birthday logo
Another piece of swag we gave away to everyone
Barrel Head Brewhouse provided the best spread! & yummy drinks.
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