Intercoms Holiday Party

Sugar cookies designed by Susie Cakes

What: Holiday Party,

When: Dec 18th 2015,

Where: Hawthorn Lounge 46 Geary St, San Francisco

Budget: $20k


  • Appetizers: Bi-Rite Platters (Cheese, Charcuterie, Vegetables)
  • Dinner: 3 Brothers Kitchen (Vietnamese Food Truck)
  • Dessert: Susie Cakes (Themed Sugar Cookies)
An Intercom themed whiskey sour
All smiles
Loved the decor of the venue. Semi steam punk, vintage, unique, and cozy
The parting gift was an Intercom logo tree ornament. The boxes made for a really cute addition to the display.
The Intercom parting gift
The Bi-Rite Spread
Toast for the camera!
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