CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret
Eric Robertson

Hi Eric! Thank you for writing and posting your piece on how CrossFit treats rhabdomyolysis. I’m a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (intermediate level, so to speak), and I’m also a candidate for my Masters in Public Health at George Washington University. I’m currently writing a thesis about how CrossFit treats rhabdo and furthermore, how our sport can provide better coaching education and screening protocols to protect our athletes. In my opinion, the system through which we educate our trainers and affiliate owners is not only inefficient, but irresponsible. I’d love to hear about how you researched the science behind your article, and I’d love to hear your non-CrossFit opinion on the dangers of rhabdo. In any case, I’m sincerely saddened that your friend developed such a dangerous and potentially life-threatening condition due to ineffective and negligent CrossFit coaching. I hope we can get together to discuss how to make our sport safer and more efficient for all parties involved.

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