I’m back baby! Hello world.

Meghan Preiss
Oct 2, 2018 · 2 min read

For those who don’t know me, I’m Meg! I’m a design research and strategist! I currently work for RKS Design in Los Angeles! I used to blog a lot while in school and then I took a little hiatus. But baby, I’m back and I’m so excited to share this crazy journey of life with you! Throughout this blog you will probably learn more about me, but one thing to note, I love pups. (:

My goals for this blog is to teach y’all about design research, working in design studios, being a young designer, everyday design surprises and struggles! Hey, life isn’t always perfect, but there’s a lot to learn along the way! I can’t say I’m always positive, and I can’t say I’m always negative, but during my hiatus, I took a lot of time to reflect and what I found was my blog was my outlet in school. It was my way of turning frustrating moments, exciting moments, and surprising moments into learnings. I tend to write really casually, as you can tell hahah. I basically write as if I were speaking to you directly, so if you see a typo just think of it as me stuttering because my brain is going a mile a minute with passion and excitement and my fingers can’t type fast enough and when I read through it I might miss it.

I hope you follow along on this journey! Because it’s going to be exciting. If you have any questions or thoughts or ideas or I spark a flame in your brain that leads it down a rabbit hole, I wanna hear about it! Feel free to comment or follow me on Instagram! ( @meghanpreiss_ )I’m pretty good at responding and I love community building! I believe design is community and it’s the best way to create change! I would be nowhere without the people who pushed me, challenged me, and supported me every step of the way!

So special shout out to John McCabe, Ben Bush, Owen Foster, IDSA, and my SHiFT Fam. Y’all are true heroes.

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