Kanye vs Social Media Influencers

Meghan Preiss
Oct 16, 2018 · 2 min read

What an interesting place to be right now. For the past couple of months, I have been freelancing as a social media strategists. A role where I coach people and companies how to gain followers, coordinate their brand, and generate more posts.

I have coached people to go from 200 followers to over 1k in a few weeks and I’ve turned companies who had zero brand cohesiveness into a company that is thriving due to their brand presence across all their platforms.

Now, I’m taking time to realize, “Okay Meg, you’ve helped so many people. Now it’s time for you to take time to build your social media up. Practice what you preach. It’s okay to focus on you for a little.”

So here I am, trying to generate my strategy, build my content and gain those followers and likes and build the community I have external to social media. And then Kanye comes along and starts this whole campaign to stop showing likes, followers, and all of those validation clicks because so many people are committing suicide because they feel they aren’t getting enough compared to celebrities and influencers.

This is where I’m stuck, I always stand for mental health. I have had two of my close friends commit suicide. I am the friend who always has the open conversations about it. But now I’m trying to build my brand, build my followers and community. I’m seeking those followers, likes, reposts, and etc for validation.

Where do I stand now? — I’m not sure. I stand against suicide at all costs, but then I start thinking about taking away likes and followers and such, the strategists in me starts to think about those people whose entire life is based on the followers. They make a living based on them.

If we take them away, how does this media generation change? Would social media still be popular? What would come next? Would we still have “influencers”? How would companies know who has a following or community? Could there be a separate profile account for businesses to log in to see the follower and interaction statistics? What does marketing look like?

Anyways, I don’t have the answers but I really wanna open the conversation to what this could mean? How will we adapt?

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