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There was this debate in class yesterday that doctors, lawyers and engineers are trusted all of the time, yet designers are constantly being questioned. One peer stated, “what is the equivalent to the Bar Exam in Design, what is the level or test you take that makes you trust worthy?” So the whole class went into this discussion that designers are never trusted and are always seconded guessed and how do we change this in the world of business? & here is my response.

Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and all of these “trusted” degrees work with the past in mind. They have to memorize data, facts and methods that have been proven to be successful for years and decades. A vast majority of the time (my personal estimation) when they are being creative or testing an idea that is futuristic or revolutionary, many people question them. When there is a cure for cancer, people question it all of the time, is it really going to work? Is it too good to be true?

As designers, we are NEVER thinking in the past or thinking by guidelines that have been around for decades. We are constantly innovating and pushing the limits. We might not have bar exams or big doctor test, but we have major design awards like Red Dot, IDEA Awards, IDA Awards, we have major societies and groups like Service Design Network, IDSA, and we have certifications like Biomimicry. You become a well known or “trusted” designer by getting people to notice your work as successful, you need to apply for the design awards and start winning them! Then get a job and get your company to start winning design awards! You need to go to conferences like Core77, IDSA, SDN, and build your network. Finally, you need to bust your butt and work hard. Care about your work and the companies or projects you design for. Prove that you are successful and trustworthy. It is hard to become a well known & trusted designer, but that’s because we have to constantly be thinking 10 years in the future, which is why a design degree is the hardest degree out there. We are planning the future of the entire world. Just think about that.


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