Slack is Wack.

Here’s to a little rant. A needed rant for many students, professionals, and everyone in between.


If you are working with a group, and even if your group is full of the most successful people in the field, do your share. If anything you should be working harder and striving to be at their level. Do not just sit in the dark and expect them to do the work.


I don’t care if you are terrible at research. I’m pretty rough at sketching. But that does not mean you just give up, do what you can and constantly keep pushing to better yourself.


I understand that sometimes life happens. But tell your group. You and your group are working as one. You are all trying to get the A in the class or your client to choose your group’s concept. If something is wrong or you cannot keep up, communicate. Nothing is worse than an MIA group member.


Everyone is tired. Everyone is hungry. Everyone has other stuff going on. Do not be the person that never does anything because of excuses. Every single person knows an excuse when they hear one. There is no hiding it. It’s fact.


Not everyone keeps a calendar, not everyone has to do list. That’s okay but when you’re working in a group and you have 5 other things happening whether that is other classes, work, personal projects, etc, keep track on how much time things take you. Always overestimate how much time a process will take you that way you do not have to keep pushing other meetings back or not turning in things on time.


If you miss a meeting or class you forfeit your opinion. Decisions need to move on with or without you sometimes. Groups need to move forward. If you cannot show up, that is okay but just understand the group is moving on.


Group projects are hectic if you make them. It is okay to take time for yourself & I encourage you to set aside time to yourself. But there is a fine line between being greedy and not wanting to do work. I know things can get rough sometimes but take time to breathe. My favorite meditation technique is super quick. I do it in class sometimes. I close my eyes and think about every part of my body in descending order while taking a breathe in between. I start at the top of my head..(breathe) forehead (breathe)…nose (breathe)…chin…left ear….right ear….neck…shoulders..etc etc. This is an easy way to come to terms with your body and mind and to balance yourself.


If you are working alone your drive should be to better yourself. Even if you hate your group or your client just keep in mind “what am I learning from this & what am I going to take away from this.” If you are a slacker…(it’s time to change) do not be mad at your friends or peers for not wanting to work with you. They have seen your work ethic and it is their choice. But you know what…now it is time to prove them wrong. NEVER GIVE UP. You always need to be pushing past your limits.

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