Being Fake is Beautiful

I’m that girl who fake tans, wears false eyelashes, and sometimes wears hair extensions. I’m the girl who wears makeup every day, drawing my eyebrows thicker and thicker, my eyeliner darker and darker.

And it’s okay.

I’ve learned to love myself through being fake.

How? How could you love yourself when your hair isn’t real and your tan isn’t real (at lest in the winter)?

Because I realize that what I do is to enhance what’s already there. I tan because I’m already tan and I want to look a little darker. I wear false eyelashes every now and then because I want my eyelashes to look just a little thicker. I wear extensions to have fun every now and then because there’s no way my hair would ever be that thick and lush.

But I love it and I hope everyone fakes it.

Because you have the opportunity to wear what you want and you have the opportunity to be what you want. These things, these things we do that label us as “fake”, are simply ways for us to express ourselves that day.

Dying your hair is permanent but clip in some colored extensions, throw on a wig, and you have a little fun for a day or two. Getting eyelash extensions is a pain in the ass and costs hundreds of dollars or you could apply a cheap pair of eyelashes and look as glam or natural as you want.

Makeup is fun. Hair is fun. Being able to change who you are for a day is exhilarating. I love being able to wear hair extensions when I feel like being different. I like being able to stay tan in the winter because that’s who I am.

Being “fake” isn’t a thing. Your fake hair, fake nails, fake lips, none of it is fake. Stop believing that. Start believing that it’s you enhancing what’s there. It’s you changing up your look for a little bit because why not?

People today look at it less like it’s a bad thing but we still have a stigma against saying “oh I’m wearing extensions” or “yeah, my eyelashes aren’t all real.” Why? Why are we afraid to admit that what we have isn’t real?

Is it because, for some stupid fucking reason, we still believe that all of those beautiful models are all natural? And we have to be that natural beauty to be loved and worth something?

Fun fact: those Victoria’s Secret models you saw strutting last night, have their butts contured before walking down the runway. They have hair extensions clipped in, fake tans sprayed on, and eyelashes glued to their own. The are as unreal as you could be, but we don’t seem to judge them.

Fuck natural beauty.

We are all naturally beautiful. We can all stand alone without our makeup and hair but we chose not to. And it’s not because we hate ourselves, no, it’s because why not have some fun? Why not fool everyone with our fake tans and our too long hair?

If anyone asks me why my hair looks so incredibly long, I tell them I have extensions in. And I laugh because it’s fun to mix up my look and get complemented on who I’m not.

And it’s fun to be more me. Some days, I feel like I’m a bronzed goddess in the winter who’s impossibly dark even though the sun hasn’t shown itself in a month. Because I’m half hispanic and when you don’t look dark enough, you don’t feel like you belong to your own culture. So I get a little more golden with the help of a bottled concoction.

Because I know that underneath it all, I’m my bare faced, thin eyelashes, curly hair monster and that’s beautiful.

It’s just fun sometimes to be a little different or simply, a little more me.

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