You Can’t Be Good Enough

This title is misleading. You’re probably good enough right now.

Good enough at your job, good enough as a parent, good enough at soccer, good enough to do your taxes.

But you probably feel unfulfilled. Your dreams haven’t taken off yet and you’re wondering why you aren’t getting paid to write, take pictures, or whatever it is you really want in life.

And I know why.

You’re only good.

You have to be more than good. Anyone can be good. Anyone with their iPhone can take good pictures but it takes an amazing storyteller to be a photographer. There’s something more than just being good enough that we have to tap into to be great.

So what does it take to be great?

It takes hard work. It takes nights without sleep. It takes rejection letter after rejection letter. It takes working even when you want to watch TV. It takes hustle.

You have to bridge the gap between good and great and become better than everyone else at whatever it is you’re passionate about. But how do you do it?

You accept that it takes more than posting a good article once a week.

It takes more than one good painting.

More than one good song.

More than one crazy good photograph.

You have to be willing to produce content like crazy. Because the more content you produce, the better you get. And the more great content you have, the harder it is to ignore you.

How to go from good to great.

There’s always going to be someone who can write better than you or create better graphics, but it’s up to you to work your ass off to create more content. Because then you’ll be able to be better. It takes time and effort to go from being everyone’s good to a select great.

So start working your ass off and be prepared to lose sleep. Publish an article five times a week. Create a new YouTube video everyday. Update your Instagram like crazy, promoting your business.

There’s a reason why daily vloggers are so interesting right now. It’s because everyday, there’s something new to watch and something new to see. There’s great new content coming out every single day for consumption.

So follow their lead. Create something new everyday. Maybe your passion isn’t something that can be churned out on a daily basis (I’m sure you’re not writing novels that quickly). But that doesn’t mean you should take a year and a half to write your book or create your short film. It means work your ass off to get it done in less time.

It also means you need to be creating more content in other ways. Because it’s nearly impossible these days to make a living off of one stream of income. You have to diversify your income sources to create a sustainable life. If you’re an author, write articles on the side that relate to your content while adding a promotion at the bottom for one of your books. If you make films, create trailers and even daily vlog while you’re working on the longer feature film.

But don’t settle for mediocrity because you “don’t have time” or ideas. If you want to be seen, if you want your work to matter, you have to be willing to do what others won’t and that’s producing content at a crazy speed and diversifying your income.

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