Personal Blog vs Business Blog

Everybody has an idea of what a blog is. Most people associate this with an online personal journal or diary, capturing ones adventures, thoughts, passions, throughout their life. Blogs are used so you can share these adventures with other people who are interested. People may or may not read or follow your blog based on whether the content is interesting or applicable to the reader.

“Through educations you can build authority and trust with prospective customers.”

This is true for a business blog as well. Blogging is a way for you to attract your customers through your content. It gives you the opportunity to inform, captivate the potential buyer and through quality content, help make a sale.

Remarkable Content: “Focus on the visitor- your ideal buyer, not the search engine.”

Just like a personal blog, it is important that you are consistent, and provide interesting and compelling content. If I were to create a blog about my life adventures, I would probably leave out the journal entries on the days I sat on the couch, ate cereal, and watched New Girl all day long. Nobody really wants read about that, and if they are easily entertained. However, keeping my persona in mind, I might post about my trip to Hawaii, including pictures, videos, and eye capturing content with headings or page set up. My audience is more likely to be interested because the people who enjoy adventure follow an adventure blog (most likely) to see adventure. Sounds repetitive, but it is important to know your audience, and keep feeding them interesting content. Similarly, when creating a blog for your business, it is important to incorporate pictures, videos, and information that is valuable to the customer, keeping the ideal buyer in mind. The trick is “remarkable” content. Each person has a problem and are searching for a solution. This is called the Buyer’s Journey.

The Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer’s Journey consists of three stages, the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. The first stage, the awareness stage, is when the buyer becomes aware that they have a problem. They then begin doing research to define that problem. This is when they begin to enter the consideration stage. This stage is when the buyer has the problem clearly defined and begins to do research in hope of finding a solution. Finally, the consumer enters the decision stage, in which they list out their options for solutions, and make a decision on what they feel is the best product to purchase for their specific problem. It is important to recognize this buyer’s journey. This is an opportunity for you to make your product known, an opportunity to be their solutions. You just have to make sure they stumble upon your solution when starting their search.

Keyword Footprint

How do you get people to find your blog? An important factor in bringing in an audience is growing your keyword footprint. What are the terms that are most typed in on Google? Finding and utilizing these keywords optimizes the opportunity of your blog being discovered, thus bringing in more customers. To find more detail on how to achieve this footprint click here.

Blogs are a great way to connect people to your product. You can inform and convince buyers why your product is the best choice. It is important to remember the keys to making a quality blog to create more opportunity for your business’s success.