Filters! Why not?

We have heard people making fun of pictures where the filters are used. My point is why not?

  • Why is it funny if I have the privilege to make my skin look better, add a little more pink to my lips or increase the brightness so that my features are well seen.
  • Why is it funny if I choose not to show my pimples or the scars, if I want to see how my hair looks if it becomes golden brown!
  • How much difference does it make if my picture looks better than how I look in real?

Is each one of us not doing it in our life? Hiding our inner self constantly from others, being a different person for the social validation, acting happy when all you want to do is break free – is that not a filter?

If we have a choice of hiding our real self and being fake everyday, we easily can put up with few fancy filter pictures.