PyCon 2019 is around the corner and it makes me realize that one year has passed since I spoke at the first conference I ever attended (No bragging intended :P). The trip down the memory lane made me nostalgic, happy and proud — all at the same time. And this motivated me to pen down my story of overcoming my fears.

About my talk

Last year, I gave my talk at PyCon Hyderabad which was held from October 5th-9th. The talk was about optimizations that one can do while using Django to build a website. I used Django during my Google Summer of…

Few months back I got the opportunity to speak at Pycon India which was held in Hyderabad from 6–7th October, 2018. There I spoke about how Django helping in making web applications scale.

What is Django?

Django is a high-level Python Web framework encouraging rapid development and pragmatic, clean design. A web application framework is a toolkit of components all web applications need. It’s goal is to allow developers to focus on the parts of their application that are new and unique to their project instead of implementing the same solutions over and over again. …

I’ve been working very hard for the past two weeks on the MVP of the tool. And other than a couple of small things, everything else is ready for MVP.

Worklist Tool MVP Home Page

The MVP contains all the necessary functionality of the tool like OAuth, creating worklist, searching a worklist, adding articles and petscan query ID to worklist, searching articles in a worklist, choosing an article to work upon and updating its progress etc.

The first two weeks of GSoC were pretty different from that of Outreachy, not in terms of the amount of work and the hard work I’d put in, but in terms of the kind of work I did in these initial weeks of my journey. My project proposal was pretty much the same as what the final requirements were, and thus was approved very quickly by my mentors and thus I could start coding pretty early (happy to have reached this stage pretty quickly this time 😛).

I spent some time setting up the environment, database for the tool etc…

I’d been waiting for the clock to hit 9:30pm, 23–4–2018 since March 27th. The heartbeat only got faster as the date came closer. But all the wait (and hard work) was worth it. I got selected in GSoC. Yay!

I’ll cherish that moment forever when I saw my name in the list of selected interns for GSoC-2018.

I’d been selected by Wikimedia to build a “worklist” tool for campaigns and in-person editing events. After the successful completion of Outreachy Round-15, this was icing on the cake! The dream of getting selected in GSoC had come true!

Being a previous intern…

It still feels like yesterday when I was jumping on seeing my name in the list of selected interns. Yes, these 3 months have passed quickly, rather too quickly.

Today when I’m writing my last blog of the series, I’m both nostalgic and happy. Nostalgic — on collecting all the moments by traveling down the memory lane; Happy — because I was able to pull it off successfully!

When my mentors looked at my implementation plan for the first time, they were of the opinion that it wouldn’t fit in. Simply, because it was too much! …

Firstly, readers apologies for being this late! But the journey became a roller-coaster ride and all my time went controlling it’s pace. With every passing day, this project has become more and more challenging and believe me, the rate has been exponential, if not more :P.

But the love for this tool and support of my mentors have kept me going. For past few weeks, I’ve been drowned in implementation of the proposed features. For more details about the status of the project, you can refer to the workboard on Phabricator.

Looking at it, it seems that the wide scope…

Since the day I started contributing to Open Source, I’ve been asked these questions like hundred times—

How did you decide upon the community?

How is Wikimedia for a beginner?

But when yesterday the count struck 101, I knew it’s time that I write it down and help as many as I can.

The answer to the first question is straight and simple — accidentally. I know such decisions are put through rigorous rounds of thinking; but for me it was sheer luck when I stumbled upon the right project at the right time. Eh, don’t worry! …

I’m back with another blog but this time it’s not related to my Outreachy journey. Rather it’s a getting started tutorial for helping anyone who is new to Toolforge.

But eh, what is Toolforge?

Toolforge is a hosting environment for developers working on services that provide value to the Wikimedia movement.

During the evaluation phase of Outreachy I made 3 tools on Toolforge which are listed below —

  1. tool to show recent edits by a user
  2. tool to show the rank of a user based on number of edits in Hindi Wikipedia
  3. tool to show the contributions of a user in terms of number of pages edited and created in the present year.

I felt that once…

Today a look at the calendar sent me into a state of disbelief — how can half of my internship be already over? It still seems as if it was yesterday when I saw my name on the selection list.

Yes, you got it right! I’ve enjoyed this period so much that I can’t digest the fact that it’ll come to an end in just one and a half months. Ah, but reality always hits hard.

Jumping to what progress I’ve made in the past 2 weeks — I’ve started with the coding phase. …

Megha Sharma

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