GSoC Chapter 2: Fine Tuning for MVP

I’ve been working very hard for the past two weeks on the MVP of the tool. And other than a couple of small things, everything else is ready for MVP.

Worklist Tool MVP Home Page

The MVP contains all the necessary functionality of the tool like OAuth, creating worklist, searching a worklist, adding articles and petscan query ID to worklist, searching articles in a worklist, choosing an article to work upon and updating its progress etc.

Screenshot of a worklist and it’s articles’ status

All the other functionality is add-on to this backbone of the tool, and we want to get early feedback from users about the tool because of which I’ve been pushing hard to release MVP within first month of my internship. Hopefully it’ll happen soon.

You can try out the tool here. If you’re interesting in giving feedback, drop me a mail at, I’ll let you know once the MVP is released.

Stay tuned for more updates :).