I wanted to race ahead in this very competitive world.

I wasn’t born with it.

It was something that has to be acquired. An attitude to add benefits to my personal image.

With the globalization, even quicker now, the fear of being left behind in this race was swallowing me. I was in a need to walk at a pace to build it at all levels.

It is our personal exposure and temperament to value its importance.

The world was progressing fast and it was the only key that shall take me ahead. Indeed, I was passionate about what I do and that made me achieve it — confidence!

I built my confidence with time accompanied by a serious committed approach. Because I knew that if I’m good at something and sure about doing it well, it will give me some confidence to do it again and again.

I inculcated the virtue of confidence in myself.

i write, i perish

i write, i perish