The Greatest Divide of All
Austin Frank

Interesting insights, particularly into the folks that may have voted for Trump over Rubio, Kasich, etc. because they knew they would be on the menu and think Trump offeres a seat at the table. However, I would argue that this fear of being on the menu had more to do with their whiteness/race and even comfort with a patriarchal system than their class. Ultimately, Bernie Sander’s offered the working class a seat at the table and Secretary Clinton does as well. Much of her rhetoric/policies are around initiatives to equalize the class divide, such as affordable child care, job opportunities for those without a college education, debt-free college, strengthening social security, etc. Trump merely offers hollow rhetoric for the working class. What he solidly offers is someone that represents a more simple time in the past — where whites were in charge and men were men. As you allude to above, indicators for the typical Trump voter are white, male, uneducated and living in isolated white areas. I’ve also read that those living in isolated white areas are not actually being displaced by an immigrant workforce. I don’t think they fear loosing their jobs, I believe they fear being left behind in their country while non-white people move ahead and in positions of power. Here are my thoughts on the topic of race and class in this election.