I am a lifelong democrat, liberal, feminist, and I have been listening to Bernie for more than a…
ellen beckmann

I’ve also watched Bernie for years, he appears on Bill Maher regularly and articulates economic arguments well, however I concur with W Island’s critique. What is striking to me is that after all these years in the Senate, he hasn’t successfully passed a piece of economic reform legislation, not even a minimum wage increase that the Democrats have been pushing hard for. For me, his decision to join some of the most racist members of the GOP in voting against the 2007 immigration bill, and going on the anti-immigrant Lou Dobbs show to defend his vote to kill the legislation because it will lower wages for American workers was unforgivable. Without immigration reform, we have essentially created a poor underclass of brown undocumented laborers without rights, essentially reinforcing the racial caste system that has existed since the inception of this nation. Now, Trump is terrorizing these communities with mass deportation and it saddens me that Bernie couldn’t see the bigger picture back in 2007. Not to say that Hillary and Dems haven’t dropped the ball in the past, but the highlights of their leadership aren’t a bunch of protest votes. After Bernie’s interview with the NY Daily news, I lost all confidence in him to even enact his economic vision.

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