Workplace will not replace an intra-team communication platform that your teams may be already using — like Slack. But it does a great job at getting different teams to communicate, the lack of which is a big pain in any growing organization of 500+ or 1,000+ people.
Facebook Workplace Review: 13 Things It’s Doing Right
Shankar Ganesh

This was where I struggled with it. Our intra-team communication needs were pretty solidly met by slack, and I couldn’t find a separate use case big enough to justify having my team in both platforms.

Curious — what do you mean by getting different teams to communicate? How is that not solved by Slack or other chat programs?

The live video argument you make is an interesting one. It’s not often that I need that at the team level but at the company level I could see that being a big help globally. I’m interested to see how Workplace does. I’m not 100% sold on the need yet, but I’ve been wrong before.

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