Why I feel comfortable using anonymous apps for meaningful conversations than Facebook?

Facebook as most of us know is now just a place to post pictures and share news links or YouTube links. So when a woman uses it for neither of the above and instead shares her thoughts on Facebook, she’s judged and labeled by her own ‘friends’.

Some even see that as a opportunity to talk of her life and judge her for the choices she makes…All on the ‘cosy-cant-be-seen-by-others’ chat screens of WhatsApp or other messengers where their social image of “I’m perfect and have no hang-ups in life” doesn’t get affected.

Take a very good look in the mirror

I see this happening more often than not because on Facebook the only thing one is supposed to do now is share pictures of fancy vacations (NOTE: if the vacation involves being drunk and semi naked with the opp sex then pics don’t get uploaded cos hey sis and brother in law will notice! Got an image to sustain)

The same people, who label a guy as fuckboy and ask me how many women do I think he’s sleeping with, one day, are seen bantering and giggling over the same “fuckboy’s” status updates. That’s the fake life we all have build for ourselves. And while some people holler on social media that they don’t judge people, they are only concerned about their life…truth is, behind closed doors all are doing so.

So when I, a 36 year old single woman, feels the need to share her point of view or just simply TALK…I find the refuge not with friends or family…but an anonymous app VOIZD: Voice Without Fear…where I know that people will listen to ME and not judge me…they will react to my emotions not to my name.

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