I was inspired by a good walk, friendly meetings, and tiny guitar

I can assuredly tell you I’ve only left a concert early twice in my life. The first was a few years ago. My friend wanted to leave early. The show was on 6th street, and if memory serves me, she was my ride home. The second time was tonight. I decided to call it an early night because I had a few things to do — like go to bed before midnight and write this story.

I can’t quit my 30 day challenge on the 2nd day! Better yet, I can’t quite my 30 day challenge at all. Rather than write an detailed novel about each talking point in the title today — I’m just going to write one sentence about them. Simplicity is a beautiful thing sometimes.

I took a brief walk with my coworker who has truly inspired my to become a better cheerleader for friends and family.

I got to see this doll. (Check out her photography).

I’m apart of an organization that is founded on 4 pillars: Lead, Education, Serve, and Networking.

I saw a really rad concert tonight.

What inspired you today?