Thursday night

I met him at 10th and Congress on my bike
we go south 5 blocks and then west 6 blocks
traffic is bad (like it always is)
I make the executive decision to go on the sidewalk
we met another friend at 5th and Lamar by the Starbucks
he takes us down the cyclist road 
it’s my first time on the road — and I can’t contain my excitement
my friend and I audibly “oooooooh” and “aaaaaah” while the wind rushes through our hair
our quads have a break from going downhill
we take the pedestrian and cyclist bridge that runs parallel to Lamar
it’s a beautiful sight over Lady Bird Lake
I’m glad to live here.

We didn’t want to bike down South Lamar, so we blaze our own trails
we decided to cut through a parking lot
we hopped onto a sidewalk
we then crossed over a grassy area
went down one more sidewalk
and came out on the other side
we biked a little bit more as the three amigos
then I saw our final destination — the iconic Shady Grove.

We arrived a over 2 hours before the event 
that’s Austin for you — hurry up to have a seat
but the waiting can be half of the fun
I had small talk with random strangers 
later I laughed with them, and smiled with them, and photobombed their snapchats
I had great conversations with friends
and then the show started promptly at 8

we were there for Shinyribs 
the entire band was composed of talented musicians and performers
there was a drummer, keyboard player, saxophonist, trumpet player, two backup singers, and Shinyribs himself
first, he had his big box gibson, and he knew how to play that funky funk they way the funkiest could play it
then he changed gears and broke out the ukelele (see figure 1a)
one of the memorable lines from the show was this:
“I don’t know karate, but I know ka-ray-zy”
the band put on a great show
at the end there was standing and dancing and singing
he knows how to draw a crowd with his sound

then I proceeded to bike back north 
I arrived home 5.6 miles later
it felt like it was all uphill
but it wasn’t
I’m glad I live here.

figure 1a — the ineffable Shinyribs