Dear Mr. Tritt:

Please come back to Winnipeg.

I’ve been to three of your concerts and they never get old. It’s been over a year since the last time you came through our beautiful city and I believe it’s time for you to return.

I also promise to be better behaved at your next concert, which is hard when live country just gets my old stompers’ going.

I regularly wear your concert shirt. It has traveled with me across Europe, U.S.A, and even front row at a Snoop Dogg concert. However, my classmates have no idea who you are, and think it’s time to retire my old worn shirt. I think it’s time they understand the power of “where corn don’t grow” and “outlaws like us”. To me, your picking and classic storytelling make you unrivaled in country music.

Looking forward to your next album….I think it’s time.

Time to bring back that vibrant 90s vibe to modern country music! Maybe toss in a Johnny Horton tribute for your old Canadian friend.


Your fan.


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