Meg Wolf Young
Outfit speaking a thousand words.

It started with conversations — in the classroom, at work, with friends, at the grocery store checkout line. Weary and tired faces, identifying as “tired” (thank you, Hannah Gadsby) and sitting in the nail salon, reading an article like this one: Politics, Not as Usual in ELLE Magazine (US) of Jess McIntosh realizing: “found a Washington enclave where she could do something truly radical: Be her (proud, weird, cooly androgynous, punk-leaning) self.”

I started teaching at General Assembly DC. Building Personal Brand, Design Thinking workshops, and Product Management bootcamps. Many students reached out after class asking questions about workshop facilitation, telling their story — and culture. “Yes, I understand — but how do I let out my personality without fear?” I have learned more in the past two years from the nurses, strategists, designers, architects, doctors, educators, entrepreneurs and college students that walked into my workshops and bootcamps than they may have learned from me. Almost every class I would show up with a Professional Enthusiast T-shirt or sweatshirt under a blazer, and open the class with setting an intention. (Self-proclaimed yogi in #NewBusinessCasual). I received a lot of feedback on this “loved it!” or “felt weird, but strangely have started doing in team meetings.” Teaching at GA continues to be a space where I can continue to learn from these students. I’m immensely grateful for it.

I’m pushing that gratitude into a new project. Next year, I’m launching New Business Casual — a platform for building healthier and more sustainable work culture by being radically ourselves.

Coming in 2019. Contact for inquiries.

Meg Wolf Young

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Creating products for those who care for others at @aarp. Founder and champion of the future of work in #NewBusinessCasual, LLC. https://newbusinesscasual.co

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