3Med walker

Meg Methasit Kiatchaipar
3 min readDec 30, 2022

3Med walker is an innovation facilitating and taking care of elders with their daily life.

One of the problems of elders’ daliy life is trasferring elders to the toilet and showering. Caretakers need to lift the elders in order to transfer them, for example, from wheelchair to toilet and back. This routine work causes high workload to caretakers.

One way to solve this problem is having devices that can help with elders’ routine such as lifts, commode wheelchairs, and shower wheelchairs. This means that we need three devices for taking care of elderly. Consequently, it means more maintenance cost of the devices. And in sone cases, people have limited space, so they cannot keep all devices in the house

Another issue is that a number of elderly need walking assistance devices for helping them walk, performing physical therapy, and exercising. However, these devices still have some problems. For example, some walking assiatance devices cannot support the weight of the elderly and cannot prevent elderly from falling.

Finally, the walking assistance devices with a support system are too large and expensive. Therefore, not everyone are able to afford these devices.

3med walker is our solution that can solve these problems. 3med walker can assist elderly’s daily life. This device has a support and lift system that can assist elderly to walk and to transfer elderly to shower and to the toilet. The walking support and lift system was designed to work with waterproofed and height adjustable linear motor. Therefore, the users do not need to lift themselves, or the caretakers do not need to lift the elderly.

The device was also designed to have the center of mass within the wheel area, which could reduce the chance of falling during an accident. Moreover, this device can go up and down the ramp with the maximum of 13 degree slope.
The device comes with three sets of support accessories including the support for toilet, the support for tranferring, and the support for shower.

This innovation was developed to All above problems can be solved with 3Med walker.