And I'm not saying you should get lost in tiny tasks, but you should never be afraid doing things that are not part of your "official job description".
Two words of advice you rarely hear.
Tobias van Schneider

I’m working through school as a home care aide, and I find myself up against something that’s “not my job” every day. It annoys me when I’m doing my patient’s husband’s laundry or watering the garden, but at the end of the day, I’m there to make her health transition as easy as possible, and to take the burden off of my patient and her family, so I do those things. It’s always irritating when I come to work and see that the person before me didn’t wipe down the kitchen table or only took out the bathroom trash because even though it’s not officially our job, it’s part of being a good aide, and accomplishing our biggest task of helping a family in need.

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