“We want to know: what’s a ritual that ups your game?”
Death To Stock

My freshman year of college, my most frightening professor told the class to “dress for success.”

Of course, they meant; ‘Wear your blazers and slacks, because you’ll be graded on appearance.’ I had every intention of wearing my best clothes to the presentation day, but to my dismay, I realized upon returning to my dorm that I had forgotten them. I hadn’t worn them in months so I had taken them home — to my parents’ house.

My roommate meant well, but she offered me an outfit that was so far outside of my style that I had to refuse. I would not be successful if I was not me.

In the end, I settled for my most obnoxious pair of punk jeans; purple.

“If these aren’t ‘success pants,’ then I don’t know what is.”

I did look a little out of place in the class of khaki's and button-downs. But what the professor and the class did not know about me was that I excelled at presentations. I was going to ace the presentation no matter what I was wearing.

The colored skinny jeans went out of style, but I kept them for the remainder of my college career specifically for presentation days.

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