Prompt #17: A recipe for happy days
Death To Stock

Spring Rain: A drink for mornings.

1 part late night

1 part sleeping-in

2 parts conversation whispered between yawns and soft laughs.

Take a break and go back to sleep. Give it at least a half an hour. You need it. The drink isn’t going anywhere. How do I know? She promised.

Add 3 dashes of kisses. This is a morning drink I guess, so maybe take it easy on the dashes? No? Fuck it. You’re right.

Mixture may separate into two parts. It’s not really ideal, but it’s just what happens.

Stir in 1/2 part clinginess to offset the natural state of separation. It may not be the healthiest substance, but don’t worry, it’s not artificial.

Add a sprinkling of springtime rain.

Serve over ice. Down quickly, before the taste melts away.

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