Two weeks in…

Well, we have officially made it halfway with the Whole30. I literally broke out in hives last night. Not sure if the two things are related…

I’m actually starting to have a little more frustration now. I’m not exactly hitting Tiger Blood or whatever it is suppose to be and I really miss not having to plan every single meal. Eating out has been pretty frustrating and boring. I know both me and my wife are sick of meat and veggies. Only two more weeks.

I really hope this helps like it is suppose to. It is time to start testing for ovulation again and I really don’t want another month of disappointment. I don’t know how many more months of disappointment I can take. It just hurts my heart so much.

Today I apologized to an old friend who I kind of blew off a few years ago. She seemed to receive it well, which was nice. I was a bitch and really burned some bridges while I was in a super toxic friendship and I have been trying to repair some of that damage. Not all things can be fixed, but I do like to try. I don’t want the lasting impression I have on people to be a bad one, my Hufflepuff heart cannot take that.

When I finish this thing… I really want a fucking cupcake. I don’t even eat cupcakes that often but I really fucking want one. Next week is going to be the real challenge week. My brother is coming into town and we are going to have a lot more out to eat stuff happening. We’re going to have to pack lots of snacks to make sure we are covered.

Anyway, it is bedtime. Goodnight loves.

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