Day 13- 3 February 2017

Spanish phrase of the day: Me ha encantado conocerte – it’s been great meeting you

Schools out all! Well school as I’ve known it. It felt strange today… so many of these people have become part of this adventure. Seeing them everyday in the hallways. Talking to them between classes and during breaks. My schedule changes now. 2 hour lessons in the afternoon means I will miss all the originals I started with. But there’s always the other 20 hours in the day to make a plan to see each other!

Class of January 2017!
Lunch at my Airbnb with Lucy. On the menu- wine and salad for a nice green non-meat change!

The past few days I seemed to be suffering from writers block. Usually I notice things, think “uhhhh I need to write about that” and so my blog for the day is born. For the last 2 days that hasn’t happened.

I wonder how writers block happens? It’s as if the thoughts, ideas, the stories and the words have been standing in line, jumping up and down, waiting and eager to get onto a page. Screaming ‘pick me pick me’.

I then would sift through them all to decide which would work best together and get along! Tell others to wait until tomorrow. Patience- you’ll get in! And then the gate just shut. There were stories and ideas behind it, they just needed to wait until I could find the key to unlock it. And then it came this morning after googling and planning the upcoming trip as I walked to get a coffee…

One thing that I see happening here is I’m noticing so much. I’m more aware. More switched on. I walk in the streets and I’m looking at where I am. I don’t blaze through them in automatic pilot with my headphones in my ear to make the time pass. I’m reading every sign (an attempt to learn Spanish) and I’m hearing every sound. Some people would call it mindfulness. Personally I just call it not having a clue where I am so having to be super switched on! 😜 Whatever the reason it’s incredible to see things. Watch things. Notice things.

Taking in the sights. Sounds. Culture. And colours.

The most amazing part of his journey for me has been realising that when you go travelling alone you’re just taking yourself with you. It makes you step forward to speak to new people, not only about where you live, what you do and who you know. But about you. Imagine that. A conversation with someone who doesn’t know you and who you don’t have to impress. Who you can just be honest with. Because you have absolutely nothing to lose.

And if the connection is there and there are more nods, smiles and happy eyes than there are the “okkkkk I just need to run to the bathroom”… Mental note: avoid that strange one…Then you’ve met someone who connects with you because of you. And nothing else that you bring with you.

That’s been my favourite part of this. Talking to people with no ulterior motives or preconceptions in my mind. And I cannot even tell you the people I have embraced from that. And some of them have turned out to be driven, successful and business focused. Here on a sabbatical. Others live a more simple less material life where they are from. But the point is, right now… we are all here. In the same boat. In this moment. Bringing nothing to the party except ourselves. What we have to say for ourselves. The way we treat the waiters in restaurants. The energy we bring into a room when we walk in. And whether you like it or not, when you make the decision to do something like this- you get introduced to yourself again.

I got lost in my life in London. Running to make the tube. Feeling fury when people didn’t walk fast enough on the street. Cursing at the traffic I couldn’t control. Feeling guilty not seeing someone or doing exactly what they expected me to do. And determined to prove myself in a job I loved but one I got lost in. Don’t get me wrong- I have every intention of getting back there. To work that is- not my old company. I love working, I adore the feeling of being part of something and watching projects morph from an idea, a conversation in a meeting to a live experience on a website! As my blogs name implies I am only Out of Office 😉. I will be back in the meeting room again.

With every intention to go back to the fast paced structured life. But since I’ve been here I find myself doing things and smiling at myself. Saying things and laughing at myself. ‘Hello Megan – it’s been a while. It’s nice to meet you again’.

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