Day 6 – 27 January 2017

Spanish word/phrase for the day: Hasta la vista! – Bye!

Today marked farewell to Rosario and her I-still-don’t-know-husband’s name’s house/ my teeny, tiny, badly lit bedroom. I am set to move in to an Airbnb with Diana (the lady from the Spanish academy) and a few other girls. But that’s only on Monday… hmmmm what to do until then?! Treat myself to 2 nights in a Palermo Soho boutique hotel with a pool and delicious breakfast!!! That’s what!

I intend for the weekend to be spent parting with the locals, as apparently the word is, that on weekends that is the area to be in. So check the blog in a day or 2 (I may be slightly less productive) for hotspots and cool tips of how and where to party in BA if you decide to come here.

But until then,here are some things I’m going to miss most about my previous accommodation:

I’m thinking… hold on I’m thinking….. nope got nothing!

Ah I thought of something- Rooney of course ! In typical football loving Argentinian style Rooney was Rosario’s daughter’s very vocal dog who she was babysitting at the same time I was staying there. And to say Rooney was highly strung would be an understatement. In fact the thing I will miss most, and will make me laugh whenever I think about it… Is hearing Rosario and her husband constantly screaming- “Rooney Cállate!!!”, translation- “Shut UP!!!”.

So to use the word of the day… Rooney, Rosario y habitación pequeña (small room) hasta la vista!

I’m sure I will meet many more of these situations along the journey. Small shabby rooms and completely different people from the people I usually surround myself with. Because that’s what I came here to do- open my eyes and broaden my perspective… but until then I am going to enjoy every minute in my hotel room in Palermo Soho and take it all in. As I have less than 48 hours here! If this experience has taught me anything so far it’s teaching me to be in the moment.

And this is where I am right now. As happy as can be…

Ultra hotel- you are my happy place!

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