Overcoming the Blues at the Blue Ribbon Grill

Last year I began noticing a few women sitting outside a local restaurant, the Blue Ribbon Grill, every time I would frequent the next door Moe’s (which is way too often; I would weigh 20 lbs less if I stopped going there). The posse includes an older woman who looks to be in her 80’s, a woman about my age, and sometimes another woman who looks to be in her 60’s. I became very curious as they were there 99% of the time I drove past this restaurant. They would be sitting in the same seats, eating, drinking, smiling and being merry. I spoke a while back and got the impression that this older woman was there with a caretaker. I almost felt jealous like I wish I could just chill with them. We began waving at each other and I would sometimes pull my car up and speak. Last week I pulled up and the 60 year something woman came towards my window. I told her I didn’t know why, but that I always felt drawn to come speak with them. She explained that her mom has Alzheimer’s and this is the thing she most enjoys doing so they bring her almost every day. Ahhhhh. It all made sense. I plan to crash the party soon. Miss you, mom.