I fell 50-feet climbing in Yosemite, got hit by a car, and then diagnosed with skin cancer — all in one month. Two weeks later, I traveled to the 7 New Wonders of the World in just 13 days. Two years later and I am still getting asked, “how did you pull off that crazy trip?”. Well… today, I decided to let you in on my secret travel tips and give you an easy 4 STEP GUIDE to make traveling the world a reality. Here we go:

STEP #1: Buy the Ticket

Some people like to binge-watch Netflix series until…

12 countries — 15 flights — 28,211 total miles traveled — 5 hotel night stays— 1 confiscated tripod — 7 wonders — 13 days

In December of 2014, I realized my three-year dream of traveling around the world, ten days before departure with three hours of planning and with some guy I’d known for two weeks.

Since my arrival back into the states, I have been inundated with questions stemming from the trip logistics to my mental stability. …

Megan Sullivan


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