SA in the UK:

The Top Things I’ve Been Asked Since I Moved

Why Would You Move Here?

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot, but then again, what did I expect when the majority of conversations that take place in the UK are based on the weather. Now, just to clarify: the weather in South Africa is amazing. The weather in Scotland? Not so much. No real surprise on that one.

But, at the same time UK folk are making out like they don’t just have great healthcare, a fully-functioning public transport system, a wider array of jobs, and one of the best economies in the world (despite that Brexit fuck up).

Also, let’s not forget that I can actually see bands that I love without paying a third of my rent for a ticket. You guys really don’t appreciate that shit enough.

And just to emphasise here: I love South Africa, life is just easier when you’re earning Pounds.

So, You’re Racist Then?

This is a big one, and apparently upon meeting entire strangers from another country it’s a’ight to presume that they were fully-fledged members of the AWB at the age of one. I don’t really blame people for this one, because the things that make news regarding SA in the UK are pretty limited. Also, some people I’ve met have encountered some rather arsehole-esque racists from South Africa who do nothing but complain about ‘how it used to be better’. So, considering our country’s history and possibly a limited interaction with our population, I can kinda get why people assume.

But, just so we’re clear: most South Africans are not racist. We’re generally pretty cool, and if you’re ever unsure just remember, the people who miss the ‘old days in Africa’ are the douchenozzles to avoid.

Please no.

OMG! Have You Watched That Movie? The One With The Prawns?

Yes. I’ve watched District 9. Yes, I recognise that you’re quoting it in an Afrikaans accent. Thanks…please stop.

Kill me.

Oh, So You Surf?

This one is mainly just confusing. I can only presume that because articles about South Africa’s natural beauty are permeated with photos of our beaches people from abroad associate us with salty-haired, fresh-faced humans that just live life to the fullest.


To clarify; South Africa has a lot of land-locked provinces. To double clarify; I spent the last six years of my life in Cape Town and:

  1. The ocean is beautiful.
  2. It’s fucking freezing.
  3. I have the co-ordination of a fat baby.
  4. There are Great White sharks in them there waters, so, why don’t you just go surfing?

Are You Enjoying The UK?

Yes! I am! I love it! While a lot of it is different, it’s pretty much all good so far. Most of the people are really cool, a lot of the sights are great, and a most of my experiences have been really wonderful.

So I’m really happy I’m here.


Do You Miss South Africa?


Those aren’t tears, it’s just raining on my face.
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