You give Bacon a bad name

What you should actually read when you click on a Dan Bacon headline.

5 Conversation Mistakes That Instantly Turn Women Off

You keep asking her to remove her headphones.
You keep talking when she is running away from you.
You keep mentioning her body.
You keep quoting Dan Bacon.
You are Dan Bacon.

My Ex Is Telling Me To Move On

Yes. Just like the officers who brought her restraining order, and the large dog she bought.

My Ex Doesn’t Want To See Me Anymore

No, that doesn’t mean you should hide in the bushes.

What Do Women Think About Bald Men?

That they have no hair.

What Does It Mean When A Woman Stares At You?

She is trying to figure out which membrane will be most responsive to the mace.

4 Tips To Get Her Back After Being Needy

Stop trying to get her back.
Stop trying to get her back.
Stop trying to get her back.
Oh yeah, and stop being needy.

What works better? Using The No Contact Rule or Remaining Friends With Your Ex?

Definitely the No Contact Rule, except it has to be permanent to really work.

Why Do Women Expect Men To Do Everything

They don’t. In fact, stop doing anything near them.

How Much Space Should You Give Your Ex Before Contacting Her?

How about China? That seems like a good start.

She Likes Me, But Doesn’t Want A Relationship: 5 Possible Reasons Why

She does not actually like you.
She does not want a relationship.
She is your therapist.
She is your parole officer.
You are her cousin.

When Is The Best Time To Talk To A Girl?

When you are not following Dan Bacon’s advice.

My Ex Is Telling Everyone That I’m Crazy

Because you are, you squirrelly asshat.

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